The Chocolate Industry. Child Trafficing & Slavery

You can shop for our different varieties of artisan, gourmet organic and fair trade chocolates by clicking the SHOP button above, or you can learn more about the "Fair Trade" cause we are passionate about by watching the riveting documentary right here. 

We are dedicated to supporting the quest to end modern day slavery, human trafficking and child labor.

We at OPULUX CHOCOLATES have created through love and passion the world's most delicious, hand-made, gourmet chocolates which are also certified "Fair Trade" and "Organic". 

Fair Trade certification strictly prohibits slave and child labor and ensures that cocoa farmers receive a fair price. 

Since our family of chocolatiers has been successfully creating gourmet treasures since 1935, we also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Please note that a percentage of our profits are proudly donated to the Polaris Project, which is one of the most important charities fighting the war against modern slavery and human trafficking (

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