OpuLux Chocolates to Launch March 2016

We are days away from our launch of OpuLux Chocolates...

We at OPULUX CHOCOLATES have created with love and passion the world's finest, hand-made, gourmet, healthy chocolates that are certified "Fair Trade" and "Organic".  We have also committed to donating a percentage of our profits to the Polaris Project, (www.polarisproject.org/about) one of the key not-for-profit organizations that is winning in the global war against modern day slavery and human trafficking.  As far as we know, there is no other chocolatier on earth that can make these statements, despite evidence showing that at least 90% of all non-fair trade chocolate is tainted with slave labor, human trafficking, or child labor.  When our customers buy our chocolate they too are helping to fight and win this war.

Our exclusive formulations of heavenly chocolates are not mass produced, are freshly hand made in the United States of America, have no preservatives, and contain only the highest quality ingredients.  Our family of chocolatiers have been creating delightful gourmet treasures since 1935.  

We are so certain of the quality of our chocolates and services, that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.  Therefore, rest assured that you, your loved ones and those with whom you want to share these delicious chocolate treasures will be 100% satisfied.

Documentary, "The Dark Side of Chocolate"

OpuLux Chocolates produces the highest quality organic and fair trade chocolates. Our chocolate is the healthiest and most ethically sourced chocolates in the world. Not only are OpuLux chocolates healthy and ethically sourced, but we also donate a percentage of our profits to the Polaris Project, a non profit organization that is a leader in the fight to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking. The vast majority of all chocolate is sourced with modern slavery, child labor, and/or human trafficking. Our mission is to be part of the solution to end modern day slavery, human trafficking and child labor so when you enjoy OpuLux Chocolates, not only will you be tasting the most luxurious and healthy chocolates, but you will be joining us in this profoundly important mission!

OpuLux Chocolates Coming Soon!

We are putting the finishing touches on our exclusive chocolate line which will include some of the healthiest and most ethically sourced chocolates on earth.  This means our chocolate is free of modern day slavery, human trafficking, and child labor.  This is unlike over 90% of the world's chocolate, which is tainted with these atrocities and human rights violations.  Please join us in our battle to fight and defeat slave labor, human trafficking and child labor.

Stay tuned for more info...

Launching in March 2016!